Novig is a Y-Combinator S22 backed startup building a vig-free sports betting exchange.

Novig had an outdated landing page that needed to be redesigned to match their new brand identity of dark colors, an algorithmic theme, and a more modern vibe.


I was hired as the UX Designer and Web Developer for the landing page on a team comprised of myself and their three co-founders at the time, in addition to outsourced design/development agencies. I was responsible for collaborating with the co-founders to determine the overall design direction of the project, and I created the mockups and coded the prototype while obtaining iterative feedback from the team.

I created several designs in Figma as well as fully custom icons and graphics. I collected user feedback to influence changes and subsequently implemented a sophisticated mockup, prototype, and custom animations.

Results and Impact

I was able to ship ahead of schedule and complete the site within 1 week. As the sole marketing and promotional representation of our product, our website attracted investors and played a large role in creating a memorable impression for the team’s successful YC application.


They wanted to include a live scrolling feed with betting odds and point spreads for certain teams. Implementing this took several iterations to get the right feedback for how the bar should look and feel.

I was able to employ cross functional collaboration and communication skills to build valuable rapport amongst the team which enabled the process of designing and deploying to go smoothly.